Project Rebirth Ministries


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What is Project ReBirth Ministries Mexico?

Project Rebirth Ministries Mexico is an idea that God placed in Hasael and Misty's heart, back when they were in seminary, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the center of Mexico called "El Bajio".  Hasael and Misty opened a non-profit civil association in Mexico called ReNacer, A.C., (ReBirth) which is dedicated to helping children's homes and orphanages. Then in 2018, they opened Project ReBirth Ministries Mexico as a legal 501(c)3 entity in the US. The purpose of Project ReBirth Ministries Mexico (PRMM) is to provide support for the work in Mexico. Both, ReNacer, A.C. and PRMM will work together to be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing Christian Education for churches that do not have the resources to be able to buy what they need for Sunday School and Bible study groups.; a seminary for pastors looking to receive more education to better lead their churches and for men who have received the calling to become pastors, but do not have the monetary resources needed to go to seminary; and a Food Bank to be able to help very low income people with the purpose of bringing them to the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Where is Project Rebirth Ministries Mexico Located?

Queretaro is located in the middle of the country of Mexico, 2 hours north of Mexico City.  Its population is about 3.8 million people.  It is a city that is in its majority Catholic.  There are very little protestant churches; about 3 Baptist churches, 3 Presbyterian churches, 1 Methodist church, and 7 other little independent churches.  The area where they want to plant the church is in it itself surrounded by 70 suburbs and a protestant church does not exist. 

The economy is considered medium high to high class people. One of the characteristics of Querétaro is that 88% of people here are young (meaning younger than 40 years).  There are 17 universities, 4 colleges and the rest are private schools.  We have a very small public school system, so all schools from Kindergarten to High school are private.  Querétaro's economy is built on 4 things: tourism, professional class worker, industrial class workers, and business class workers.  Querétaro is considered the only state in Mexico to have an economy growth of 2.8% in the past year.  Also there is an international airport and a very modern bus terminal.

Querétaro, also called in Spanish "La Cuna de la Independencia" (The Birth Place of Independence) has beautiful architectural structures. You can call this city modern and traditional in its appearance. There is life all day and all night. As for crime, the rate is 1%. It is one of the only cities where state government pay their officials really well. So there is no need for corruption. You are able to walk downtown at 2am in the morning without having to worry about being mugged. This is awesome, because Querétaro is gorgeous at night! 

ReNacer Reformed Evangelical Church

Renacer Reformed Evangelical Church is supported by 12 to 15 families that were ready to begin a church plantation.  These families wanted a different church. Not just your every day traditional church. A church that is committed in teaching the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ, committed to helping family and committed to their relationship as children of God in a lost world. A church that wants to live the real gospel; that will allow them to experiment living in God's kingdom in their every day lives.  These families help support the church spiritually, economically, and physically.  The supporting families began meeting every Friday night since January 2013, praying for the plantation. On Easter Sunday 2013, the church had there very first church service.  Our vision as an organization is to be able to plant 4 churches in all 4 corners of the city. 

Hasael began this church and served as the main pastor up until June of this year. God has called the Pachecos to return to the US for a season to be able to raise much needed funds and expand the ministry to be able to reach more people for Christ. After much prayer, an associate pastor was brought in to help so that Hasael would be able to travel more to be able to expand the ministry that God has placed in both his and Misty's hearts. Please pray for Bro. Obed de la Cruz as he begins ministry at the church and that the church may grow to its fullest.

The De la Cruz Family

Pastor Obed de la Cruz

Joiarib Ramales

Génesis Grace de la Cruz Ramales

Location of ReNacer Reformed Evangelical Church

Higos #48, Colonia La Huerta Don Manuel, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico C.P. 76114