Project Rebirth Ministries


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Project Rebirth Ministries Mexico's Mission

Amplify discipleship above and beyond the church's doors; in homes and one on one. To go to people and offer Biblical studies, family counseling, marriage counseling and premarriage counseling. But the most important thing we were called to do: Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to men, women, and children of all ages.  To show them the saving power that Christ offered to them upon dying on the cross.

Project Rebirth Ministries Mexico's Vision

I. Evangelism

Our goal is to reach out, sharing the Gospel on the streets or in the churches, encouraging others to do the same.  To send out Mexican evangelism teams to areas which have not yet been exposed to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To enable the Mexican pastors within our ministry to hold revivals in their churches, missions and everywhere that God leads them.

II. Short-term Missionaries

We believe the Lord has called us to encourage short-term missionaries to reach out to the lost not only in Mexico, but also world wide (including the U.S.) We want each short-term missionary to share out vision for the lost and to renew their enthusiasm to share the Gospel.  We believe this enthusiasm will carry over to their families and their home churches.  The short-term missionaries are self-supported, energetic, and in most cases open and receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

III. Serving the Servant

We believe the Lord has called us to assists and support other who are engaged in the salvation of the lost.  We do this by supplying literature and Bibles, monetary support, food, medicine and clinics, and even church buildings.  We encourage our Mexican co-laborers to further their Biblical training, and to help support them.  

IV. Training the Natives

We believe the Lord has called us to train young Mexican men and women to carry the Gospel into the areas that we will never reach.  We believe the most effective way to reach the country of Mexico, is by training and teaching the Christians there to minister to their own people.

V. The Great Commission

We believe that The Great Commission was given to every Christian. We believe the responsibilities and rewards for reaching the lost belong to every Christian and that we are all to be engaged in reaching the lost everywhere.